Posted by Jodey Cornwall

In order to save time without missing out on the benefits of your skincare products, we will show you a few habits to add to your skincare regime that will make the difference.

1. Learn how to clean your skin

Whilst it’s normal to think that applying cleanser to the whole face is the correct way, there is an art to cleaning skin properly: the ideal method is to concentrate in areas where you have more pores, like the forehead, the nose and the chin, to guarantee the region is sufficiently clean to create the ideal environment to receive your skincare products. It’s a fact that your skincare products work harder and are better absorbed once those areas are cleaner. 

**PuraSonic Viva was designed specifically to address this issue. With an inbuilt T-Zone timer which times your cleansing routine, 20 seconds on the forehead, 10 seconds on the cheeks, so you know exactly when to move to the next part of your face. Having more control and efficiency when cleansing your face, you now only need to apply the correct amount of cleansing cream or foaming product and voilà – perfect skin!


 2. Apply your moisturiser in damp skin

There’s a rule in the beauty world that says: you should never wait more than 5 minutes to apply your moisturiser to your face or body after showering. And there’s a reason for that: as soon as the water on your body evaporates, it dehydrates because the air takes all the moisture out of the skin.

We recommend Bliss youth as you know it anti-ageing moisturiser

 3. Change your morning and night routine

Rule of thumb: Don’t use the same products morning and at night. The reason is pretty simple: in the morning, your face needs protection and, at night, preparation.

That is, before going to bed it is essential to use a product full of vitamins, which guarantees the absorption and maintenance during the sleep. 

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