When the PuraSonic was first being developed, it was done with you in mind. Our goal was to create a versatile facial cleansing device that worked for the whole family, men and women of all ages.
Oscillating over 300 times per second, PuraSonic makes the most of its unique sonic technology to bring you the deepest clean. The device is completely waterproof, rechargeable and has 3 speeds. The device’s built in 1-minute T-Zone timer helps give you a quick and perfect clean every time! The timer sets aside 20 seconds for the forehead, 20 seconds for the chin area and 10 seconds for each cheek.


The team at PuraSonic has also designed 4 unique brush heads for the PuraSonic to better suit specific skin types. Our Everyday brush head comes standard with the PuraSonic and works great with normal/combination skin. It can also be used on the body! Our Gentle brush head also comes with all PuraSonic devices and was designed for those with a more sensitive skin type. Our Deep Cleanse brush head was created for those with larger pores who need a more thorough clean. Finally, our Soft-Silk brush head was designed for the most delicate skin - like around the eye area! It's super soft texture makes this brush head great for contouring into those harder to reach sensitive areas.


Independent Consumer Trials

9x better than manual cleansing with water and cleanser.*

Results after minimum of 3 days use


  • Imperfections in skin texture decreased by up to 70% creating visibly smoother skin
  • Up to 40% reduction in large open pores
  • Up to 45% reduction in pore clogging bacteria and debris

Consumer Survey Results

  • 70% saw improvement in skin radiance
  • 65% experienced fewer blemishes and breakouts
  • 80% saw improvement in cleanliness and smoothness of skin
  • 90% experienced improved absorption of skincare products after cleansing with the PuraSonic


Targets skin concerns


  • Texture
  • Wrinkles
  • Clogged Pores
  • Fine Lines


Skin Concerns 


The oscillating advantage

Spinning actions found in other devices can stretch the skin beyond its limits. The PuraSonic's oscillations work within the skin's natural elasticity, gently massaging pores back and forth to help dislodge trapped make-up, dirt and debris